We are urban gardeners. We are advocates for the human race and our right to grow safe food anywhere. We are residents who want to maintain our beautiful planet Earth for our current and future generations. We want to educate the people of the world on how to rid their bodies and their lives of toxins currently found in our food, our cleaning supplies, our hygiene products, our medications, and our cookware. We want to see the eradication of Genetically Modified/Engineered Organisms (GMOs or GEOs) starting with GMO/GEO labeling on our food products. We UpCycle, we reuse, and we repurpose. We encourage the consumption of real organic food, and encourage people to dump the processed junk.

We are Organic Garden Life; this is our Organic Uprising.

Hey guys! A little bit about me, Organic Uprising and Organic Garden Life as a whole.

My name is Amber, and I thoroughly enjoy (but am not a certified expert on) organic container gardening, organic foods, gluten-free foods, holistic living, essential oils, natural living, health, natural healing, deep relaxation, raw food, among many MANY other things.

I have worked as a Behavior Therapist with children on the Autism Spectrum for the last several years.

Sometimes people call me a hippie.

I am married to an amazing man named Jared.

I have lived in several cities and in two states in the USA.

My husband and I each have severe food allergies.

Now for the Legal mumbo jumbo:

This is intended to be a fun outlet where I can express myself through lifestyle choices including, but not limited to: gardening, organic food, exercise, meditation, holistic living, essential oils, natural living, etc. The Organic Uprising website and the Organic Garden Life Blogspot, InstaGram, FaceBook, YouTube and any other association of the name are not expert facts, but simply opinion based writings, photographs, and videos. I/we cannot be held liable for any advice and/or ideas you choose to use from any of these sources. It is your own sole decision in doing so knowing the following:

Legally I am not, nor do I claim to be, a doctor, nurse, psychological therapist, dietitian, health coach,  or any of the sort. Please refer to your personal health care provider with any health concerns.

I am not a lawyer. Please refer to one if you need one, or if you need to know laws governing your particular area.

I am not certified expert in any area that I write about/photograph/make videos about, as I have no legal certifications in any area.



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A general guideline of contest/giveaway rules is as follows:

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old (or 13 years old with parental/legal guardian consent).
  • Participants must reside within the United States of America unless otherwise noted.
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