Blender Lemonade


It’s the middle of August, and it is HOT here in North Texas. Commonly over 100 degrees several days in a row, sometimes we just need an ice cold glass of lemonade to help us cool off.

There’s a slight problem with this, though. Have you ever read the ingredients lists of the major lemonade brands? It’s a little scary…

Tired of all the junky chemicals and processed methods of store bought lemonade? Want to make a large quantity at once, but don’t have a juicer? If you have a blender, you’re in luck!
Here is a GREAT way to make homemade lemonade. Super easy and SUPER fast! Best of all? It is KID APPROVED, too! A much healthier alternative to junky store bought “juice” for your kids (and you)!

Another wonderful thing about this:
When I’m sick with a sore throat,  runny nose, congestion, etc. I heat a cup of this over the stove and drink it warm! The raw fresh lemon and local raw honey work together to sooth my throat and even help keep allergies at bay.

Super Easy (and healthy) Blender Lemonade (makes a little over half a gallon):

-1 pound bag of organic lemons
-10 Tablespoons of local raw creamed honey
-About 10 cups of Filtered water

-Small fine mesh strainer
-Large glass pitcher or jar to store finished lemonade.


Step One:
Begin by cutting off the lemon peels. Leave as much of the white as you can.


Once peeled, cut them in half and get as many seeds out as possible.
Put the lemon pieces in a blender. If you have a small blender, you’ll need to work in batches here. I used a VitaMix for this which has a very large blender jar. You should have roughly 2 cups (loose) worth of lemon pieces.


Add roughly 5 cups of filtered water to the lemon pieces in the blender (if your blender is small, do half the lemon and half the water. A typical rule for blenders is to never fill them more than half way. Repeat).


Blend on high for 30-40 seconds until the lemon and water are blended smoothly together (if your blender isn’t as powerful, you may need to blend longer).

Step Two:
Strain the lemon water through a FINE mesh strainer into a glass container.


You may need to go slow and frequently rinse the pulp out of the strainer. This whole process took me less than 3 minutes, though. 🙂 Also, utilize this time to quickly rinse your blender to get any sneaky pulp out.

Step Three:
Pour half of the lemon water (about 2 and a half cups) back into the blender and add an additional 2 and a half cups of plain filtered water. Add 5 Tablespoons of local raw creamed honey (think 1 Tablespoon per 1 Cup of liquid). Again, if your blender is small, you’ll need to do half of this (1 and a quarter Cups of lemon water, 1 and a quarter Cups of plain filtered water, and 2 and a half Tablespoons of local raw creamed honey). Blend on high for about 15-20 seconds or until honey is completely blended into the liquid. Pour into a glass jar or pitcher. Repeat this step until all ingredients are used.

Step Four:
Serve chilled or over ice, and enjoy! Refrigerate the remainder to enjoy more later.



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