DIY Hand Sanitizer (Kid Friendly!)


DIY Hand Sanitizer

As most people are already aware, traditional hand sanitizer is filled with not only yucky chemical ingredients, but they also typically contain alcohol which is very drying to your skin.

We’ve come up with a super simple and hydrating hand sanitizer that is also considered kid friendly!

To make this, we used a 1oz (30ml) glass bottle with a pump top. We love these violet bottles because they not only provide the best UV protection, but when paired with the pump top, they make the perfect dispenser for things like hand sanitizer, serums, hair and beard oils, and more!

To make this awesome hand sanitizer, simply add 3 drops of Plant Therapy’s KidSafe Germ Destroyer Blend┬áto the bottle with 1oz of Aloe Vera Jelly. Stir this WELL. Add the pump top, and you’re done!

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