Let’s talk about beards. Beards are a thing now. I mean… I guess they’ve always been around, but now it seems more and more men are not only growing out a nice beard, but they’re growing gorgeous thick beards. How are men achieving such amazing manly beard status? Beard oil.

Proper beard care is essential! Just like proper hair care is crucial for healthy long hair, the same can be said for beards. I know, I know. Some dudes refuse to use beard oil, knocking it saying that it’s for sissies or for boys who can’t grow a beard and need help. I’m here to tell you that these things are just not true.

PhotoGrid_1424822325068Real men have beards, right? Well real men also use a beard oil and/or conditioner of some sort to help maintain their beard’s health. Do you want your beard to have nasty split ends? Do you want it to be all frazzled and crunchy? I don’t think so. I can GUARANTEE your significant other or spouse won’t like that, either! Don’t have a significant other? Maybe it’s because you have a crunchy beard! 😉

Purchasing beard oil can be pretty expensive. Making beard oil is the way to go for sure, and it’s super easy, too.

My husband has an exquisite red beard that is soft and beautiful. It’s also very manly and handsome. 😉
He treats it well with beard oil. His recommendations for using the beard oil will follow the recipe.

Beard Oil Recipe


This recipe is amazing. It’s nourishing and hydrating. It is great for the beard and the skin. The aroma is light but woodsy and manly.


Why these ingredients:

Organic, cold pressed, unrefined hemp seed oil is a fantastic oil. It’s one of my absolute favorite oils. Hemp seed oil is known to be excellent for use externally and internally. It has the perfect Omega-6 and Omega-3 balance of 3:1. This oil does NOT like heat, so don’t cook with it. Use it cold! You can add it to your smoothies, salad dressings, etc. You can also use it for your skin serums, lotions, body butters, skin oil treatments, hair oil treatments, and more! It’s smooth and silky and penetrates well. It’s not known to clog pores. A lot of people use this oil for sensitive skin issues.

Jojoba oil is technically a liquid wax that is rich in vitamin E! Jojoba is a known antioxidant that doesn’t go rancid quickly. Many people love using jojoba as a moisturizer for hair and skin alike which makes this an excellent choice for beard oil. Jojoba is also known to help extend the life of blends with other more fragile carrier oils, like the hemp seed oil we’re using.

Black Spruce Essential Oil (Picea mariana) is one of my favorite essential oils. Some people use this essential oil for skin issues like eczema or acne. This is one reason we’re using this particular essential oil in the beard oil recipe (that, and it helps create this amazing woodsy and manly aroma). You can read more about the incredible profile and background of this essential oil on the Aromatics International website. Their website is a wealth of information!

Pine Essential Oil (Pinus silvestris) is another favorite here. We love the aroma, and combined with the Black Spruce, it creates the PERFECT clean and crisp scent. Pine also has a large plethora of uses (a lot of people use it for illness and for inflammation).

The specific glass bottle that we picked is incredible. It’s technically a violet glass. It’s so dark that it looks black unless held up to a light. You cannot see through it. It provides the perfect UV protection that these ingredients desire (especially the fragile, but amazing, hemp seed oil). The pump top disperses the perfect amount of beard oil within a single pump for shorter to medium beards, and two pumps should do the job for medium to longer beards. Always start with one pump so that you don’t over do it. It’s easier to add more, but it’s harder to take away.


Add 2 drops of each essential oil to your 1oz glass bottle. Add your jojoba and hemp oils. Mix well. Add the pump top, and you’re done! IT’S THAT EASY!

How to use it:

When using beard oil, it’s really important that you only use it on a WET beard. If you’re putting beard oil on a dry beard, you’re wasting the precious oil, and probably making a nasty mess as the oil won’t really soak in. To use your beard oil, wet your whole beard, from roots to tip, really well with warm water. Squeeze out the excess water, but make sure it’s still nice and wet. Put one pump (or just a few drops) of the beard oil on your finger tips gently pat them together. Work the oils through your beard from the TIPS up.

PhotoGrid_1424822413299You want the majority of the oil to NOT be at the roots of the beard. If you notice that you have any tangles in your beard, you can add a little extra beard oil to the tangled spots to help work the tangles out. Use a beard brush (or a wet brush) and gently brush out your beard, starting by brushing downward just above the tips, and slowly working your way up to brushing out the whole beard from root to tip.

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  1. Spiffy Beard says:

    Altough coming late to comment on your article, it is nice to see so many pieces on how to make your own beard oils. It wouldn’t surprise me if this hasn’t spurned on some new business to be created!

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