There’s a Group For That!

You may know about our FaceBook page, Pinterest page, and InstaGram account, but did you know about our awesome interactive community groups?

We currently have TWO free FaceBook groups that you can request to join! They’re full of active members who are awesome! Join in the fun! Pick the right group for you, or maybe you’d like to join both!

We have an AWESOME aromatherapy/essential oil group that is all about learning and education. This is NOT a brand-specific group. We have only a few rules to keep things tidy, but groups are very free and open. The members are very kind and supportive.

Screen shot 2015-01-11 at 12.36.38 AM

Join the AromaNerds here!:


We have another fantastic group dedicated to health through greens! This is our Green Smoothie/Green Juice group! It’s a place for newbies to learn more, and veteran juicers and smoothie makers to share their expertise. This group is filled with encouragement! Get more greens in your life in fun and tasty ways! We will hold frequent challenges!

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Join The Green Drink Uprising here!:


Please join in on the fun, and invite your friends! We would love to include you all! Please make sure that you read all the information about each group including their pinned posts and rules. 🙂



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