Happy Last Weekend of April!

Today is Saturday, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grass is green, the plants are thriving, the birds are chirping, the weather is BEAUTIFUL, and Spring is definitely in full action around here.

After yesterday’s morning fiasco with my blender, I ended up having a pretty good day. More and more carrots are popping up in my carrot garden and the onion seeds I planted seem to be sprouting and growing really well (yes, I know, I am the sick person who decides to plant onions from seeds instead of sets). Once my parsley finely decided to sprout, it has been shooting up taller every day.

There’s something about watching plants sprout from seeds that is so magical. Literally watching life begin, and grow, right before my very eyes is something that will never stop amazing me. It is so crazy to know that the TINY onion seed will grow into a full sized onion, and that tiny tomato seed will produce an entire army of tomatoes!

I have been asked to dedicate some of my posts specifically to container gardening. I am more than happy to do this since I do, in fact, have a container garden that has completely taken over my patio! I can tell you what types of containers I like to use, what types I don’t, and why. I can tell you what type of soil I like to use, and why. I can tell you what type of seeds I like, and why. I can even tell you how I like to naturally fertilize my gardens, and why.

What I would like to know from YOU is: What do you WANT/NEED to know? What are some specific questions you have? What are some specific problems you have faced? What are some specific challenges you can foresee happening with your (potential?) container gardens? Also be sure to provide the region (growing zone) you are in as this will help me with some of the tips I provide. If you don’t know your growing zone, I’d be happy to help you figure that out.

I can’t wait to hear all of your suggestions! Send them my way by commenting on the blog, messaging me on FaceBook, tagging me on InstaGram, or Tweeting to me on our brand new Twitter account!

On that note, I’ll let you dream up some suggestions while I go get some productive things (laundry?) done today.

Organic Garden Life

PS: I came to my wonderful parents’ house, and I used their amazing blender this morning to make a perfectly delectable morning smoothie. Yes, it was pure bliss.

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