Homemade DYE-FREE Edible Paint!

Kids LOVE to play with paint, and it is absolutely no mystery as to why:

-It inspires them to use their creativity.

-It’s a great sensory “toy.”

-It can be a fun tool to use for learning fine motor skills.


One of my readers/followers posted that she made homemade edible paints for her son that contained ZERO food coloring. I was absolutely intrigued! A major concern of parents and teachers when children (especially small toddlers) are playing with paint, is that even the “non-toxic” varieties from the stores are mostly still filled with chemicals, and at the very least they are still filled with terrible artificial dyes. Even artificial food dyes are terrible, and we do our best to stay away from them in our house. Many food dyes are banned in several countries (but not the USA, unfortunately)! I know a lot of parents would be happy to have a TRULY safe alternative for their children to use, that CAN safely be eaten with no adverse consequences.*



Lilly from Organic Eats on a Budget is also passionate about living an organic and holistic lifestyle as much as possible, and she even tries to help people do so on a “budget.” You can find her public InstaGram account here if you’d like to follow her there.


To make the paint:

Make a mixture of flour and water or cornstarch and water. She says the ratios really vary depending on the consistency of paint that you want. Start out by mixing small equal parts of each and adding water to thin or flour/starch to thicken.

To make the paints colored, Lilly says it’s best to cook the fruits and vegetables to concentrate their pigments for more vibrant colors. slowly mix in drops of your vegetable or fruit pigments until you reach the desired color.

Have you made completely all natural finger paints before? What recipe did you use? Have you made any like this, or did you use a completely different method?

We’d love to hear from you!



*Please make sure that you DO NOT use any ingredients that you or your child may be allergic to. Example: someone who needs to eat gluten-free should probably use the corn starch method of this pain. Someone with an allergy to any of the fruit, vegetables, or spices listed should not use any of them to dye their paints. 🙂 Please use your common sense!

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