March Against Monsanto: Dallas, TX

March Against Monsanto. May 25, 2013. Amber with fellow protesters.
March Against Monsanto. May 25, 2013. Amber with fellow protesters.

The March Against Monsanto on May 25, 2013 took place in cities WORLD-WIDE.





Jared and Amber
Jared and Amber

My husband and I personally took part in the Dallas, Texas march. Around (give or take) two thousand people gathered together in front of Dallas City Hall and marched a two-mile route to the Farmer’s Market and back again. The Dallas Police Department provided officers to hold traffic for us, and they even gave us hand shakes, high-fives, and the occasional “Keep it up!” as we passed them. People of all ages, races, backgrounds, beliefs, occupations, and classes joined in unison to protest the harmful, monopolizing company that has been poisoning us for over 100 years. This alone proves that this is truly The People VS. Monsanto.

photo 4 I am so pleased that everyone can lay down all of their differences, unite together as one, and stand for a cause that is so great that it affects every living thing on the entire Earth. Some people are marching because they don’t want to be a “lab rat.” Some people are marching because they don’t want to be kept in the dark about what kind of food they eat. Some people are marching because GMO foods have actually caused digestive problems, auto-immune diseases, tumorous masses, allergies, skin problems, or other problems in their very own bodies, and as soon as they realize the cause, and stop the consumption of GMO foods, their ailments go away.

Honeybee Guild
Honeybee Guild

Some people march because they are recognizing the horrific and deadly effects that GMOs are having on the honeybees and other pollinators. In the picture to the right, a woman is dressed in a honeybee costume. She is holding a sign for the Texas Honeybee Guild. Bee keepers are noticing that pesticides and GMO crops are killing off entire hives of honeybees. If the honeybees are being killed directly by the GMO crops/pesticide-ridden crops, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the pollinators (butterflies, etc) are also extinct (GMO crops like corn are altered to actually produce their own pesticide from the inside out. Every cell and fiber of the plant is filled with pesticides. You cannot wash them off. They are on the inside, too). What happens when there are no pollinators left? That’s right, folks, that means most of the plants and produce you love to eat every day will no longer be available. That means our entire food system will no longer be available.

There are many reasons why people chose to partake in the March Against Monsanto. Every reason is valid, and every reason has purpose. All of the reasons for marching come back to one simple plea: Put a label on GMO food (most of us agree that they should just be banned all together, but labeling is a start). People have a right to know what kind of food they’re eating. Organic farmers are happy to put an “Organic” label on their food. If GMO food is so safe, and so good for us, why is Monsanto refusing to put labels on products containing food grown from their seeds?

Did you march today? Did you stand up for what’s right? If so, share your experience with us!

Remember, marching in the world-wide protest is a fantastic start, but you can’t stop with that. You cast your vote with every single dollar that you spend. Find out what companies are campaigning with Monsanto to prevent labeling of GMOs. Find out who’s trying to keep you in the dark, and don’t give them another dollar. Contact your state representatives, and let them know where you stand, and that you will vote them out if they continue to protect Monsanto. Educate those you come in contact with– some people still don’t even know what GMOs are (ever notice the lack of media coverage on this? Yup). Talk to your grocer! Tell them why you don’t like certain foods, and why you’re no longer buying them. Tell them what you wish they would carry (or carry more of), and most importantly tell them WHY. Start an urban garden in your back yard, or a container garden on you patio. You can click here to read my article on container gardening! Remember, it is of the utmost importance to use high quality, non-GMO, heirloom seeds when you’re  gardening. Check out for incredible seeds, books, gifts, and other resources. Be sure to use coupon code ORGANICLIFE10 to save 10% off of your entire purchase from them!

Here are more photos from March Against Monsanto, Dallas, Texas:

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I didn’t feel alone in my passionate hatred for Monsanto while surrounded by so many like-minded people. And while labeling would be a step in the right direction, a total ban on GMO foods would be most ideal (other countries have done it…why not ours? Oh right, our crooked politicians!)
    Kudos to the DPD. And the march organizers. And everyone that showed up today in Dallas and around the world. People are WAKING UP!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jennifer! I completely agree with you! Also, I noticed on FaceBook you said you left a comment here, but your comment disappeared. I just wanted to make sure you knew that it was because it was awaiting moderation. I have it set this way in attempt to prevent spam. Anything that’s not spam, I approve 🙂

  2. Yeah, I refreshed and went back and there it was, awaiting moderation (so I deleted my fb comment). Oops.
    I saw that someone on fb (kristie hester) had made contact with NBC and they are accepting videos and pics of the march at Send them some! 🙂

    1. Jennifer, I actually just sent them an email!

  3. Brad Roon says:

    Any product which must be hidden by govt and industry alike is so abominable it would never survive in any sort of open or free market. For those who don’t grasp the biochemical damages, this should be a cogent wake-up call in and of itself.

    Unfortunately, Monsanto probably doesn’t care about the protests. It did not disrupt their amassing money, their practices, or personally embarrass the individual shareholders and execs who are literally psychopaths. If they KNOWINGLY and needlessly damage others, they ARE psychopaths. Money – profits – are no valid excuse.

    The unfortunate fact remains, that Monsanto does NOT play by the rules. It even changes them with it’s political whores when it needs to. If we continue to play by the rules, the INEVITABLE RESULT will be that we are always a day late, a dollar short, and they will win.

  4. gmo2ashes says:

    Labeling GMOs will only postpone contamination of the food supply – and temporarily put off our inevitable demise.

    KNOW THIS: you live in a war zone and GMOs are part of the arsenal used to weaken, maim and kill you and your family. The only solution to the GMO plague is to totally ban genetically engineered planting and burn any remaining GMO crops in the field.

    Genetically engineered plant varieties cannot coexist alongside natural-bred varieties; this is a given. Through cross-pollination, GE plants will eventually contaminate and overcome non-GE varieties. There is no safe barrier between the two. You can’t have both type plants and expect labeling to save you or prevent destruction of the food chain.

    Labeling initiatives placate GMO opponents and instills the impression of “winning” against the monster. Labeling gives Monsanto authority to sow its deadly harvest with impunity and be accepted by society. Monsanto wins either way, with or without labeling. And unless GMOs are eliminated altogether, someday in the foreseeable near future, the entire food supply will be damaged beyond repair.

    There can be no compromise or negotiation with a murderer who intends to kill you. You flee, fight back and prevail, or die. Ultimately, their global agenda is genocide (under the cloak of greed). Monsanto and its biotech counterparts intend to kill you – and unless you fight back and destroy them completely, they will succeed.

    The chant for labeling to identify GMOs in food comes from the biotech giants, not independent-thinking people. Monsanto initiated both the call for more GMOs in the biosphere, as well as its opposition (labeling). The debate over labeling GMO food has obscured the real issue of educating the public on the dangers of GMOs and banning GMO crops entirely.

    The following refs identify some of the culprits behind the faux labeling initiatives.

    Below is a link to a Mercola article that provides excellent insight into the dangers of glyphosate (in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide) and GE foods. However, like many alternative health resources, it also includes the misguided mantra for labeling GMOs. And like mockingbirds, many well-intentioned people are now singing Monsanto’s deadly song.

    And here are video reports of how a new GMO technique (double-stranded DNA) alters gene expression in plants and humans. This together with another new tech that enables pesticides to permeate human skin could literally be used as a bio-tech weapon for depopulation purposes.–hrw

    All said, if you think labeling foods is the answer over totally eradicating GMOs, you are not awake and you are only helping the biotech industry poison our food supply. To avoid the extermination of natural life on planet earth and survive, we MUST find the courage and the creative energy to fight this common enemy and eliminate it completely.

    The fate of humanity is now in the hands of ordinary people fighting for their lives. Labeling GMOs would only postpone our inevitable demise. Without direct, decisive and defensive action to rid the planet of the GMO menace by every means possible, the human species is facing extinction.

    1. GMO2ashes,

      Thank you for your reply, and thank you for all of the information you took time to provide. I hope you know that I do agree with you. As I said in my post: Personally, I think they need to just be banned (like they already are in other countries around the world!). Unfortunately, some people believe that labeling is a great start for a couple of reasons:
      1) People will, most likely, be more apt to not purchase an item when they see clearly on the label that it contains GMOs.
      2) The above statement will cause a large financial hit to those companies, in turn making them re-think using GMOs (it’s all a business).

      The senate already passed (overwhelmingly) a federal bill that will take away the individual states’ rights to mandate GMO labeling.

      The only way that GMOs (and Monsanto) will be banned from the USA is if a total and complete government overhall happens (since Monsanto and the Government are clearly one and the same).

      Organic Uprising

  5. gmo2ashes says:


    GMOs together with chemtrails, vaccines, glyphosate, mercury, food additives, prescription drugs, fluoride, mineral & nutritionally deficient cropland, irradiation of food – and government policies designed to limit the public’s protection and avoidance of the chemical warfare being waged against us, I think it’s obvious what must be done.

    The time for dialogue, debate and protest has long passed. We are witnessing the accelerated slow-kill of the human race. We are under attack on all sides from an enemy within. We exist in a war zone where each day is spent navigating a minefield of booby traps.

    Either we stand up and fight these invaders who intend to kill us all, or we will die on our knees crying, begging for our lives. The question is: do Americans have the mind, the guts and the means to defend themselves against an overwhelming enemy that’s cloaked in the flag and has gained so much momentum. For unless this revolution happens and quickly, we as a species are doomed.

    GMO2ashes (literally)

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