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We never recommend anything to you that we don’t absolutely love and use ourselves. As a matter of fact, the different advertised things the right and left sides of our website are actually things we put there purposefully. These are not generated ads at all! These are specific products we want our readers to know about and purchase if they choose to. We are not affiliated with all of the things we recommend on our website. Some of them we are affiliated with, and as a result we may receive incentives and/or payment for advertising on our website or through purchases made from links on our website. This doesn’t change anything about our recommendations. Whether we are affiliated or not with a product, or company, does not change our opinion on the product. If we become an affiliate with a company or product, and it one day becomes poor quality/less desirable/etc., we will provide a notice to our readers, and, at that point, will no longer recommend the product.
We appreciate you using any referral links we give out when you’re doing your online shopping, as keeping up “Organic Uprising” and “Organic Garden Life”  is hard work on our end. We do a lot of research for you guys, and spend countless hours compiling information for your benefit. Thanks, in advance, for thinking of us! You have no idea how much it means. 🙂

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