Redmond Trading

Redmond Trading
Redmond Trading

Redmond Trading is by far one of my favorite companies for salt, clay, toothpaste, bath salts, and more. This company mines all of their products from an ancient salt deposit in Utah.

A few of my favorite items from Redmond’s include:

Real Salt
Redmond’s Real Salt comes from an ancient sea salt deposit found in Utah. It is unrefined salt that is… well… as the name suggest, REAL! No chemicals are used to strip the salt. No chemical additives are used. Basically no chemicals EVER! The salt also still contains over 60+ trace minerals. This salt is good for your body, unlike that toxic white table salt. Their organic salt+spice blends are incredible! I use the garlic salt and onion salt on a daily basis! The season salt is a great go-to when you’re at a loss! My husband and I also both love taking a nice soak in the tub with a cub of their Bath Salt Plus mixed in the hot water. This is mix of large salt crystals and the bentonite clay from the same deposit. One way that your body actually absorbs minerals and sheds toxins is through your skin! This is a great way to assist both of those processes.

Redmond Clay
Redmond Clay is a great for facial masks, but it’s also good for toothpaste, water purification, internal body detoxification, healing wounds and bug bites, and more! We LOVE our Redmond Clay! There are so many uses for it!

I taught you guys how to make your own toothpaste at home using Zeolite clay. For those of you who don’t want to go through the process of making your own, you can buy some pre-made from Redmond’s Earthpaste!
Here’s a funny little video from Earthpaste that does a wonderful job explaining why you’re better off using clay toothpaste.

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