Welcome (and the death of a blender)

Welcome to the official Organic Garden Life blog.

I had all these nice things to say to all of you wonderful people who take time to see my posts via InstaGram or Facebook or YouTube, but my morning became a little… interesting… to say the least, and now I am all out of sorts.

So here is a very quick, “Thank you, I love you, you’re amazing, keep up the following and adding greatness to my small internet world.”

And now for the horrifying blender story:

This morning I woke up, brushed my teeth, tossed some clothes on, went to the kitchen with an ingredient list in my mind to make the most delicious Matcha Smoothie for breakfast (if you know me at all, you know I drink a raw smoothie or raw cold-pressed juice every single day).

I got the blender, poured in some coconut milk, added some sprouted brown rice protein powder, chia seeds, matcha, and raw honey to the mix. I then added an entire bunch of arugula. Now, my blender has been somewhat on the fritz lately (I noticed some of the functions had stopped working the other day), but I was for sure it would continue along for quite some time the way it was. I was wrong. VERY wrong. In fact, my blender decided to promptly stop working as soon as the arugula had all been blended down.

You might be asking, “What’s the problem? Your Smoothie was finished!” My answer to you is, NO! NO, my smoothie was not finished. I had not had a chance to add any of the fruit I had set aside for it. You see, I was trying to be kind to my blender by adding things slowly and not overloading it (since I KNEW it was slightly on the fritz).

It repaid me by allowing me to essentially drink a liquid protein salad instead. At least, that’s what it tasted like.

Anyway, I know not everyone has a blender, and not everyone has food to even eat, but I guess once you’re set in your ways (drinking a raw smoothie every single morning), having your blender pass away on you is a very sad event.

I’ll be holding the funeral later this evening at the local dumpster outside of our apartment community if anyone else would like to join/pay their respects/say a last few words.

I guess I should also add that if you’re looking for daily smoothie inspiration from me… it might be a while before I have any new ones for you. However, this does mean I’ll be using my masticating/cold-press juicer more often for you to see all the incredible things those babies can do.

Alright this has been enough rambling. I’m off to research what blender I can reasonably purchase in the near future that will last more than a few months of my apparent abusive smoothies.

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